Thursday, February 23, 2012

"IGWT" Movement Spreads in Ventura County

Camarillo City Council Considers posting "In God We Trust" slogan in City Hall

The Ventura County Star reported today (Feb. 23) that a motion was placed before the Camarillo City Council at last night's council meeting to consider posting the religious phrase "In God We Trust" in the city hall above the pictures of past and current councilmembers.  The request was made by a constituent who supports the campaign of Bakersfield councilwomen Jacquie Sullivan and her organization, In God We Trust-America Inc., to have the slogan posted in schools and government buildings across the nation.

This action follows the adoption last month of the City of Port Hueneme to display the slogan in its city council chambers, paid for with private funds.

The Camarillo City Council will be considering the issue over the next two weeks before making a decision at its next council meeting on Wednesday, March 14 in order to provide opportunity for the public to weigh in on the measure. NOTE: As of March 28, this issue has been indefinitely postponed for consideration by the Camarillo City Council. Further updates to this website will be noted if and when it is scheduled again.

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