Get Involved!

All Americans who care about religious liberty should get involved in its defense. You can join our chapter, take quick action, report a violation, stay informed, contact our lawmakers and/or get involved in other ways. We need your help, and we’re counting on you to join the fight to preserve church-state separation.

Join Our Chapter as a Member
By joining our chapter, you add your voice and your resources to the growing list of people who care about church-state separation and want our legislators to respect and uphold it.  Chapter membership is tax-deductible and funds both local and national actions. Join Today!

Join Our Planning & Outreach Committee
Our chapter covers a huge geographic area, yet it is run entirely by local volunteers who are committed to church-state separation. You can help by:
  • Forwarding local stories of church-state entanglement to us;
  • Finding a speaking venue in your neighborhood to recommend to us;
  • Suggesting speakers for us to host;
  • Preparing your OWN talk on church-state separation for one of our presentation meetings; and
  • Joining our Outreach team to meet with local pastors and other religious and political leaders about AU's issues.
Please contact us at: if you are interested in taking a more active role in our chapter, we would love to hear from you.

Report A Violation
Do you believe that your or others' religious liberty has been harmed by a government action? We advocate in and out of court to protect your religious liberty by preserving the separation of church and state. Please tell us about it.

Stay Informed
There’s no substitute for reliable, current information.
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Contact Your Lawmakers
Church-state bills are always pending, and the Religious Right devotes millions of dollars per year to make sure our representatives regularly hear their side from their supporters. Give your representatives a fresh view that they rarely hear enough of!  Here's how to reach them.

For Religious Leaders
Think that only the non-religious care about church-state separation? Think church-state separation is irrelevant or even dangerous to religious groups? US church-state separation has deep roots in the US religious community and in fact represents the best interests of all religious people.  It is the US religious community that best exemplifies and represents the value of US church-state separation. Here is a list of US religious groups, communities, and congregations that support AU's values and mission.

We want to include YOU in our list of partners and allies for church-state separation! Contact us and allow us to take you to lunch to explore the issues.

For Students
Interested in starting a campus chapter of Americans United at your school?  We can help!