Upcoming Events


The AU-GLA chapter holds its monthly chapter planning calls at 9:00am on the first Saturday of each month.  The August Call will be held on Saturday, August 3. Chapter members who are interested in participating in the planning of chapter activities, wish to bring local church-state issues to the chapter’s attention, or just want to learn about recent planning efforts are invited to call in.

AU members can join the monthly telecall by calling 1-857-232-0300 and entering Access code 968768.  (The phone number and Access code remains the same every month.  Note that normal US long-distance charges will apply.)  All participants will be asked to identify themselves and where they live in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The activity of our AU chapter, as well as the defense of the Wall of Church-State separation, depends on the efforts of our own members.  Get involved!

The San Fernando Valley subchapter of Americans United / Greater Los Angeles meets the 3rd Sunday of each month at 2pm at Marie Callendar’s restaurant, 19310 Business Center Drive, on Tampa Ave just north of Parthenia in Northridge for a monthly “Toastmasters”-style discussion group in the San Fernando Valley.

This meeting is specifically structured to be led by AU chapter members, with 1 to 3 of the members each month speaking 5 to 15 minutes on any topic they choose related to church-state separation.  The purpose will be to provide an opportunity for chapter members to develop their speaking skills while simultaneously educating the rest of the members in attendance.  As long as the topic is related to church-state separation, speaker presentations may be contemporary, historical, philosophical, social or any other angle the speaker chooses.

Speakers will be expected to prepare a thoughtful and engaging presentation with a minimum of notes.  Visual aids (eg, Powerpoint slides or postersheets) will also be allowed. The format will also include the opportunity for other attendees to provide an evaluation of each speaker, based on an evaluation sheet with a series of questions and scales.  At the end of each presentation, attendees will be asked to fill out their sheets to rate how well the speaker performed on each of these questions. The sheets will then be collected and provided to the speaker at the conclusion of her talk.  Depending on the willingness of the speaker and the time available, attendees will then be able to participate in a discussion of the topic with the speaker for the time remaining.

To present, speakers must sign up prior to the meeting.  To do so, send an email to AU.LosAngeles@gmail.com with the title or nature of the presentation you wish to give, which month you wish to give it, and how long your presentation will take.


A regional steering committee has been organized for the Westside LA area, including Malibu, Santa Monica, Culver City, Huntington Beach and Venice to raise the awareness and importance of church-state separation in the region.

The steering committee has already organized lunches and presentations with AU senior staff and is looking to establish communication networks with local pastors and religious leaders and continue to build a permanent lecture series for AU members and supporters in the Westside.

The committee is led by Michael Risman of Santa Monica.  For more information and to get involved, contact Michael at AU.LosAngeles@gmail.com.


The Greater Los Angeles chapter of Americans United represents a vast geographic area covering over 500 square miles across two counties in southern California.  We also include 13 Congressional districts in our chapter area.  While the above meetings are open to all chapter members, we seek chapter activists to help us organize meetings and events in other areas of the metro area and in each of the 13 Congressional districts.  Can you help?  We can provide rental funds, speakers, and agendas.  We need a contact person who can secure a reliable space for our members to come and meet and who is willing to work with the chapter planning committee to schedule events in your area.

If interested, let's talk! Contact us at AU.LosAngeles@gmail.com with your interest and the area of the city where you are located.